Workshop Webinar in Georgia

date: 18.05.2020

The first workshop of Tourism 4.0 for the Black Sea project will take place online as a webinar. Our local partner, Tourism Institute, will provide dubbed videos of all keynote speeches and translated the Q&A following them to English and Georgian. The speakers Thanos Smanis and Matteo Bocci from HCL Management, as well as Tomi Ilijaš and Urška Starc Peceny from Arctur will be available for any questions regarding technology piloted in the region and the aims of the project too. Moreover, many eminent stakeholders from political parties and other government organizations, private sector, academic sphere as well as media representatives are expected. Hence, the discussion will be lively and insightful.

To co-create data driven tourism at the Black Sea with all stakeholders of the local tourism ecosystem, the webinar will be open to the public. To attract younger participants, a Facebook event has been created while anyone interested in Data Analysis for Sustainable Tourism Development Strategies is welcome to join us on May 29 at 2PM CET on Zoom. Together we can transform the perception of tourism at the Black Sea and foster more sustainable tourism in the future.

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