Co-creating tourism for the future
with Data Analytics

Tourism for the Black Sea

Tourism 4.0 is the initiative dedicated to transforming tourism into the driver of the UN Sustainable Development Goals by use of the key enabling technologies from Industry 4.0. Most smart tourism initiatives around the world focus on technological advancements. However, we understand technology is an enabler while collaboration is the key to tourism for the future. Join us in co-creating tourism for the future with data analytics.


Workshop Webinar in Georgia

18 May 2020

The first workshop in Georgia as a webinar is open to the public and will be translated to Georgian.


Latest news

Towards Sustainable Tourism in the Maritime and Coastal Regions of Europe Webinar

08 July 2020

T4BS representatives participating at the webinar organised by SEARICA focusing on perspectives of the recovery from the COVID-19 crisis and beyond.


Adjara TV presenting Tourism 4.0 for the Black Sea project in Georgia

09 June 2020

Regional TV channel interviews T4BS local partner Mamuka Berdzenishvili, the founder and executive director of Tourism Institute.


Tourism for the Black Sea strives to:

boost visibility of coastal destinations

decrease negative impacts of tourism

improve local socio-economic returns


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