Prestigious award received at the Black Sea Project Awards 2023

date: 24.11.2023

Tourism for the Black Sea project was recognized for excellence at the Black Sea Project Awards 2023, in the category Competitive, Innovative and Sustainable Blue Economy.

The jury was convinced by the holistic approach to implementing the use of data to make better decisions in the Black Sea area. In six pilot destinations, the impact of tourism that was measured with the help of Tourism Impact Model, the digital tool that allows up to 100.000 data entries from a wide variety of sources and categories - environment, economy, society, cooperation. The result is shaping the future of sustainable tourism based on real data.

Receiving this prestigious award, it is time to look back at the most important milestones of the T4BS project:

  • The project unveiled the potential of Data Analytics for tourism development in the Black Sea.
  • 6 Tourism Impact Model assessments were conducted at pilot destinations, sculpting the future of sustainable tourism.
  • An intellectual discourse was sparked at the T4BS High-Level Forum.
  • The commitment of stakeholders was cemented by signing the T4BS Declaration, a pledge to future continuous work.

The received reward is also a testament to the collaborative spirit of partners from Georgia, Greece, Romania, Ukraine and Slovenia and our shared vision that unites us in the pursuit of a vibrant and sustainable Black Sea Blue Economy.

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