The Tourism Impact Model video was launched

date: 17.03.2021

TIM – Tourism Impact Model, which was awarded for The best innovation in the field of artificial intelligence and data analytics, uses real data to create an objective picture of the impact of tourism in a certain micro-location. Within the T4BS project, TIM is being tested in Romania, Ukraine and Georgia. Four project partners have been testing this advanced tool with an aim to assess the impact of tourism on different societal aspects at specific geographic areas in the Black Sea basin.

In the video, a brief and visually appealing explanation about TIM is presented, emphasizing the importance of collecting huge amounts of data and transform them into valuable information to make strategic data-driven decisions more effective. TIM is based on more than three hundred indicators to show the effects of tourism in a selected destination. It covers all areas of life and presents an objective picture of both, the positive and negative effects of tourism. With a help of TIM, key decision-makers can make better decisions when planning strategic tourism development taking into account the future sustainability of the local environment and society´s wellbeing.

What is the impact of tourism at your location?

Learn more about how TIM works and what features this innovative digital tool offers.



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