Kick-off Meeting

date: 16.12.2019

All partners of the Tourism 4.0 for the Black Sea project have met in Brussels to plan the journey of piloting Tourism 4.0 tools at the Black Sea. Representatives of Arctur, Hi-tech company, HPC provider and Tourism 4.0 initiator from Slovenia, HCL Management, International development consultancy from Greece, Tourism Institute, think tank for sustainable tourism development from Georgia, Marketing Development, Tourism service provider specialized in accessible travel from Romania, Ovidius University of Constanta from Romania and NGO Agricola from Ukraine promoting sustainable development gathered to co-create data driven tourism ecosystem at the Black Sea.

Black Sea coastline experts, local partners, and international consultants aim to decrease negative tourism impact and increase local socio-economic returns with the help of data analytics. To achieve this, pilot services will be tested and the dialogue with regional stakeholders encouraged.

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