First Workshop in Ukraine

date: 28.05.2020

The first Ukrainian workshop of the EU-funded project on Tourism 4.0 for the Black Sea was held on 27 May. Due to the travelling restrictions, it was held as an online webinar organised by the local project partner NGO Agricola and hosted by Natalia Goriup. There were 17 participants, largely drawn from Odessa oblast. They included the tourism departments of Odessa Regional State Administration and Odessa City Council, Municipality of Vylkove, National Academy of Science of Ukraine, Ukrainian Scientific Centre for Ecology of the Sea, Odessa Ecological University, Ukraine Institute for National Memory, Odessa Tourism Association and the local media.

Participants expressed great interest and willingness to cooperate in the project and its potential to assist the local tourism sector. For example, Vita Levitskaya of the Danube Region Centre for Sustainable Development said, "tourist destinations lag behind in their development from European cities. The introduction of modern technologies in the study of the tourist potential of Odessa and Vylkove will help the interested parties to see when and where tourists most often prefer to rest, and what is lacking in our domestic tourism. I am very interested in the experience of European countries in solving such problems, as well as the application of the results of the study in practice."

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