Second Workshop in Romania

date: 15.12.2020

The 2nd workshop in Romania “Tourism Impact Model: data analysis for sustainable tourism development strategies” took place on December 15th 2020 online, and was hosted by both local partners “Ovidius” University from Constanța – The Faculty of Natural Sciences and Agricultural Sciences and Sano Touring tour operator run by MARKETING DEVELOPMENT S.R.L.

We shared the preliminary results achieved through a complex analysis of the data collected locally in Sfantu Gheorghe, Tulcea county using the Tourism Impact Model (TIM).

As we had a completely new audience than the one at the 1st Workshop held in 9-10 March 2020, the event’s agenda included information on the project context and specifics: political and policy framework, Tourism 4.0 for the Black Sea concept and the Tourism Impact Model. 

New contacts have been made, and the grounds for new collaborations have been set – so we can already start planning the next events: discussions in smaller groups with the stakeholders.

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