T4BS workshop in Romania will be part of the European Maritime Day In My Country 2021 event

date: 07.04.2021

The European Maritime Day In My Country 2021 events will take place all over Europe from April to October 2021 and will run in parallel with European Maritime Day Conference. The aim of these events is to promote local activities focusing on the preservation of the marine habitat and ecology, raising awareness about oceans and will encourage local population to participate at workshops, conferences, beach-cleanups, eco-tours and several other attracting activities.

Within the T4BS project, partners are collecting data that will be assessed with the help of Tourism Impact Model (TIM) with the aim to predict the tourist impact. Decision makers will be able to take strategic data driven decisions to foster more sustainable tourism in the future. The dialogue with regional stakeholders will be further encouraged during the last workshops partners will held in their respective countries.

The last T4BS workshop in Romania will be part of EMD 2021 events, supported by the EC, as the application was successfully submitted through the EC open call. All the information on the workshop will be provided on T4BS website and through the social media. Additionally, the event will be promoted via the Directorate-General for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries' information channels.

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