The power of digitalisation in relation to the sustainable tourist development of Black Sea coastal areas

date: 11.08.2021

Ovidius University of Constanța and Marketing Development recently published a short opinion article in one of the most prestigious scientific journals in Romania.

Cinque Continents - Revue Roumaine de Geographie (  is the scientific journal of the largest geography faculty in Romania, part of the largest and probably most prestigious Romanian university, University of Bucharest. The article highlights recent findings from Tourism 4.0 în the Blach Sea (T4BS) project and focuses on how digitalisation, data accessibility and big data could provide valuable inputs and manage tourism in a sustainable way. The article can be read here, while the whole number of the journal can be read at the previously mentioned link.

Authors: Andrei Schvab, Mirela Paraschiv, Marian Tudor, George Cracu, Irina Florea-Saghin, Igor Sîrodoev, Natașa Tătui-Văidianu (“Ovidius” University of Constanța), Cristina Căluianu (Sano Touring Experience S.R.L., before Marketing Development S.R.L)


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