T4BS for Georgian media - Adjara implements a European model for measuring the sustainable development of tourism

date: 15.12.2021

Tourism Institute published two articles in famous Georgian media outlets.

The one, “Batumelebi”, is the prominent online media in Adjara region and the another, BM.GE, is one of the best business oriented media in Georgia. The published content aimed at raising the awareness of the project T4BS in Georgia.

Articles explained the digital tools and reasoning behind the T4BS. It showed that the project aimed at assessing coastal tourism not only from the angle of economic indicators, but also analyzing environmental, social and cultural aspects of life by employing digital tools and big data. It depicted that normal practice of tourism assessment from the economic point of view prevents holistic evaluation of tourism sustainable development in Georgia. That is why the TIM - Slovenian model of tourism impact evaluation is in the process of implementation in the country. This will help Georgia to know where the destination stands on sustainability point of view and where is the right path to go in the future.

At the end articles promoted the high level forum on “Tourism, Digitalisation and Sustainable development for the Black Sea” which took place on the 18th of November 2021 in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

Author: Mamuka Berdzenishvili (Tourism Institute)


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